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Professional Learning Network Plan

This is a concept map of my Professional Learning Network. The center bubble is the main hub for all the learning networks. The green bubbles are the networks and then the blue bubbles are the sub networks within the larger network itself. The pink bubbles indicate professional learning networks I am currently a part of, but would like to take more advantage of. My plan for networking in the future is to become more connected to kindergarten teachers that do not teach in the same building as I do. They can offer valuable insight into the way they teach, the technology they use  and assessments they use as well.

Another network that I would like to take more advantage of in the future is Whitworth. I am an alumna of Whitworth University and they have a large network of graduated and current education students. They also have a wonderful Department of Education staff that would be a great professional learning network.

I am also considering some sort of career change. I am considering working for a university or a medical office. In order to do any sort of career change in this economy, it is critical to do networking and also to be learning new skills all the time. It is my goal to get involved at Whitworth more and possibly take some classes in medical terminology and billing and coding as well. These will expand my professional learning network as well.

While creating my concept map, I realized that nearly all of my professional learning networks are related to teaching somehow. I decided I should start following more blogs about different subjects, not just teaching.

Professional networking is critical in today’s economy. Jobs are few and far between and the more you learn and the more people you are connected to through your profession, the more likely a job is to end up being yours. The more I work as an adult, the more I know this to be true. It is my goal to begin networking more intentionally. This class has showed me the importance of professional networking. I have learned a lot about professional development models and the forms they take.


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